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Saturday, July 2, 2011

a special place.

continuing my DIY craze i decided to make a tent for clémence's room. i found a great tutorial from a creative blog and some fun fabric when we were in san diego. also, i had an amazing friend to do it with which made the process so much easier and fun. i am so happy with the outcome and love that she has, well, her own special place to read or dream or sleep or whatever she wants. and as cheesy as it sounds, i can't wait for the memories to be made with the three of us.

by day:

by night:

the beauty of imagination. of seeing things for the first time. the simplicity of bright colors, patterns, and twinkle lights to us, becomes an exciting new world to our babes.


  1. Ah Clem, You have such a great mom who loves you so much! ...So much so, that she made you your very own darling tent for your room! Lucky, lucky girl!

  2. Oh my goodness Shelly!!! I want a magical wonderland tent like Clemy's to do my school work in Zen!!! Hahaha! She's such a lucky girl to have such a creative & loving mommy! You're such an inspiration to me!!!! When its my time to be a first time mom you will be able to help me, inspire me & give me fun ideas to work off!!!! Im lucky to have a friend & role model like you! :)