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Friday, July 1, 2011

checkin it off the list.

i've been super inspired lately. i blame it on my creative friends and let's face it my new obsession with pinterest. things are just so much better when you can make them or do them yourself. so much more meaning and although more time-consuming, most of the time cheaper too. its a win-win. yesterday i took on a project and thanks to babes being so good, i was able to finish it.

3 years ago jeremiah and i backpacked europe for 5 weeks. it was an incredible experience to say the least. one of the places we stayed was bled, slovenia. it's this quaint little town surrounding this beautiful lake. there is a tiny island in the middle with a church on it and a family of swans swimming around it. picturesque to say the least. the lake isn't very big and there is a trail so you can walk around the entire thing in about 2 hours. this is precisely what we did. i remember it so clearly. it was just a lovely afternoon.

i picked a few flowers when we were on that walk and pressed them in a book i was reading. i haven't really done anything with them til now. here's what i did.

1. found some linen napkins at a thriftstore.
2. got my flowers from the photo album.

3. taped them onto the linen.

4. wrote 'bled, slovenia may 2008' on the middle one and framed them.

our bathroom wall was in need of some sprucing up so i bought some mustard paint from home depot because you can't go wrong with mustard. this is the result...



cost of project: around $40. so worth it!


  1. I'm in love!! Shells, this is genious and so meaningful! Not to mention, the mustard paint is gorgeous against the white!

  2. just catching up...love all your creativity lately! how fun. i really love the idea of the pressed flowers, what a great treasure of memories!