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Sunday, July 17, 2011

'if you're a bird, i'm a bird.'

last night was our close friend (and god-parent to our daughter), leighanna's birthday party. if you know leighanna, you know there will always be a theme involved. this year it was Hollywoodland. upon hearing this, jeremiah and i started kicking around ideas for the three of us. we wanted to do mad men (because lets face it..its a good excuse for me to buy a vintage dress) but jeremiah isn't clean-cut enough (thank goodness) and i wasn't sure how we could tie clémence in. so after much deliberation, we chose to go the super cheesy route and be noah and allie from the notebook. we used the boat scene in that movie so we could have clémence as our swan.

once we decided, i went hunting at thrift stores for jeremiah and i's costumes and to michaels for supplies to make the swan outfit. let me just say as im sure you know, when you have something in mind it is never easy to find. noah's get-up in the film was easy: dark brown pants a little on the baggy side and a white button-up. 2 thrift stores later i was done. allie's on the other hand, not so much. but boy did i get lucky. after searching at multiple stores i finally went to a vintage shop that always has great pieces and it was there that i found the closest dress possible and it just so happen to be my size!

clémence's costume: i had been doing other projects all week so i ended up making this at the last minute. i just used a white headband, a piece of black, white, and orange felt for the face, and white feathers for her little bum with a piece of felt over the bottom of the feathers. brushed it with some tacky glue to hold it all together and voila!

our darling swan:

the makeup: the hair: (i don't consider myself good at things like this in any way, but i must say this probably took me like 20 minutes and i only had 2 pictures of her hair to go off of so i was quite pleased at how it turned out)me and my swan!
at the party:


  1. hahhaha! YES!! This is so awesome! You guys look fabulous!

  2. thanks jill! it was a lot of fun!