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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the sacred things.

weekends. they are usually spent not doing much of anything. we are just so happy to have jeremiah all to ourselves for 2 days. since clémence goes to bed so early he usually only gets a few good hours with her in the morning and when he gets home in the evening. so when he is home a lot of our time is filled with playing and tickling and giggling.

Monday, June 27, 2011


there's nothing quite like planting seeds...

and then watching them grow.

Friday, June 24, 2011

san diego.

okay, i'm ready to go!

(the giraffe is her new favorite friend and was made by a sweet and very talented friend of mine)

the beach.

she was so excited about it she just had to take a nap first.

toes in the sand for the first time...

annnnd she likes it!

i love her little tippy toes in this one, so delicate.

our little beach babe.

the next day.

sometimes you just gotta stop and smell some flowers in the mornin'

my mom got her some new kicks.

we had some brunch at the Hash House A Go Go. its one of our favorite places for breakfast out there. the proportions are ridiculously large, but i don't think clémence minds at all--that pancake was as big as her!

my little brother bo and his ceasar salad that could feed 10 people.

we stopped off in normal heights to visit a couple of places we like to go. the record shop is owned by 2 ladies in their 60's. In addition to value in buying record collections, they place strong emphasis on the unusual in both artists and cover art. For example, behind one section in their store titled "Music for Dining" is a "Smoking Section." All of the artists are pictured holding or smoking cigarettes. Their expertise was combined and in 1984 Nickelodeon Records was opened. The store opened selling only vinyl and continues to sell only vinyl.

this place was pretty great and super reasonable. pretty similar to SAS.

got some fun fabric for a few projects i've had in mind for clémence's room.

last day.
captivated by a pinwheel. the simplest things go a long way. this was a lifesaver for a good portion of the ride home although i almost passed out from making it spin!

leaving for home.

a conversation with mr. owl.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

california, here we come.

time to get these toes in the sand.

1st timer

its jeremiah's first father's day. it's such a deserving holiday for him and honestly so special for me as well. you see i have a great father who i know loves me dearly and has worked incredibly hard to provide for our family our whole life (there are 5 of us kids so you can imagine its not an easy task to do), but our more emotional relationship is not the idyllic father-daughter one. there aren't many feelings shared openly that often. in fact saying 'i love you' was something that only really started to commonly occur in the past 7 or 8 years (but i must add i have never doubted it). we don't see eachother often because he is out of town a majority of the year and we don't talk much on the phone either. it has just always been like this. but still, i am grateful to have my dad because i know my situation could have been far worse. i tell you all of this, not so you can feel bad because i don't, but so you can understand my thankfulness for my husband. he is incredible in his new role. i love watching how delicate he is with her. how many kisses he gives her (i am totally crying while writing this right now). how when he gets home from work he wants to know every detail of her day. the way he looks at her. how he plays with her not caring how ridiculous and silly he is. how many times he tells her he loves her and how she'll never comprehend just how much that is. clémence, we are both truly blessed to have your daddy.

thinking of this upcoming day, clémence and i decided a homemade card was better than a store-bought one. we got some supplies and went to town. here's the result. it's nothing outrageously creative or inventive, but just more playful and special.

'okay, give daddy his card'

this was his father's day gift. an ode to his first daughter,his little rose. and the five leaves represent 5 incredible blessings that happened to us leading up to her birth. her name is written in his handwriting.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

local wanderings

speaking of frances (see last post), the talented owner, who is also behind smeeks, just opened another gem called frances studio. all three are all within 100ft of each other sandwiching stinkweeds jeremiah and i's favorite record store. frances studio houses shoes and accessories. and within those shoes, they carry TOMS.

now, i have been a longtime fan of TOMS shoes. i've owned a few pairs, obviously get behind what they're about, and actually used to sell them in a nonprofit boutique we helped open and manage a while back with some friends of ours. but these are the best i've seen yet. i mean crocheted? these are my kind of TOMS.

Friday, June 17, 2011


today is our friend's daughter's 3rd birthday. and since im into gifts that are a little more original and not so 'toys-r-us' -ish (although sometimes there is a place for it), i decided to stay local and see what frances might have. i found this super cute book that came with silly 'tickle monster' gloves and thought what a fun thing they could do as a family, together. and no sound is better than a child laughing (i know this first-hand since Clémence has been giggling so much more lately)
i am all about gift presentation and usually go for wrapping things myself (in burlap most of the time because im obsessed and always have a few yards on hand) but their paper is just so doggone cute i couldn't resist.then i popped over to smeeks, an adorable little vintage candy boutique two doors down, to see what little goodies i could add on top to make the wrapping a little extra playful and fun.

here's what i picked up.so i went home and grabbed some twine and fabric.
E for Emery.

the finished gift.


after we put Clémence to bed for the evening, we snuck back to check on her a little later and found her like this.... yep just gettin a little shut-eye ;-)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


today it finally made it.

some action shots below...