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Thursday, June 2, 2011

comfy cozy

home. what do you surround yourself with? things that have meaning. things you adore. the pleasant, the comfortable, the charming. the objects that tell a story, that say a little of who you are or maybe a lot. here are some of those for me...

my knit wall clock from anthropologie. its just fun and a little unexpected. i have a love of something knit or crocheted especially something out of the ordinary, and when i saw it, it immediately reminded me of a page out of my favorite book that sits on my coffee table about fashion photographer Tim Walker. when he shoots for a magazine, he doesn't just take a photograph of a model wearing the latest designer. he goes to great lengths to produce something extraordinarily beautiful and imaginative while at the same time, so playful. he has an eye almost as a child's. and none of his photos have been electronically manipulated. below (after the clock of course) are some of his photographs from his book Pictures. there are probably too many but it was so hard for me to choose which ones to show!

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