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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

comfy cozy

our collage wall.

i spy...

my glasses from first grade,

a photogragh of my mother when she was young and in a band,

a cross jeremiah's parents brought back from israel made out of olive wood,

a hip little restaurant we went to in berlin before seeing two of our favorite 'bands' panda bear and pantha du prince,

graffiti of tom waits we saw on a wall lining a narrow cobblestone street in budapest,

a porcelin fortune cookie made by a friend and given to us for good luck before we moved to europe,

a cheesy-but-great 'sufjan stevens esque' portrait taken by our dear friend jeff newton who also happens to be an amazing commercial photographer,

a dorky-but-cool vintage desert postcard given to me for my birthday,

pictures of art from great artists we were able to see at the hamburger bahnhof, the macba, and the centre pompidou,

a polaroid of our daughter,

the desert on a trip we took to bisbee when i was still pregnant,

string art i found at an antique shop,


my love at a park in flagstaff.

what stories are told on your walls?


  1. i love this. i have always looked at your wall not knowing all the meaning...but knowing there was meaning. my walls are covered with love and creativity from my kids. love it!

  2. aww thsnks jill. you're walls definitely speak love to whoever walks through your door!