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Monday, June 13, 2011

a gem.

my darling husband doesn't ask for much. a record or two here and there, a new pair of shoes when he has completely worn his out. i'm usually the frequent shopper (frequently more for Clémence as of late). so when he starts quietly checking craigslist and ebay for an amp, it's gotta be something he seriously wants and something i seriously want to give him. he has such an incredible heart. he once snuck behind my back and sold one of his guitars to take me to denver to see bjork and joanna newsom. you can say i've got a good man.

when i found out what he was looking at, we searched together and found one incredible piece of musical equipment: a vintage 69' fender deluxe reverb amp. the sound is beautiful. most of the bands around that time were playing some form of the fender reverb...think the beach boys and the beatles. its an amp that sort of transcends musical genres and can be played with blues, early rock & roll, country (the original hank williams kinda country not today's pop version), surf, rockabilly etc. pretty much everything we listen to.

when she arrived, he was one happy boy and spent the aftenoon in our basement getting to know her.

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  1. Cutest blog post ever Shells. Love you guys both and can totally see Miah getting amped about his amp! Pun intended! :)