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Friday, June 17, 2011


today is our friend's daughter's 3rd birthday. and since im into gifts that are a little more original and not so 'toys-r-us' -ish (although sometimes there is a place for it), i decided to stay local and see what frances might have. i found this super cute book that came with silly 'tickle monster' gloves and thought what a fun thing they could do as a family, together. and no sound is better than a child laughing (i know this first-hand since Clémence has been giggling so much more lately)
i am all about gift presentation and usually go for wrapping things myself (in burlap most of the time because im obsessed and always have a few yards on hand) but their paper is just so doggone cute i couldn't resist.then i popped over to smeeks, an adorable little vintage candy boutique two doors down, to see what little goodies i could add on top to make the wrapping a little extra playful and fun.

here's what i picked up.so i went home and grabbed some twine and fabric.
E for Emery.

the finished gift.

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  1. Tickle Monster Book is fantastic! We got it a few years back at Christmas for Charlee. Reading it as a family always allows for some incredible bonding time! It is one of our favs!