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Friday, June 24, 2011

san diego.

okay, i'm ready to go!

(the giraffe is her new favorite friend and was made by a sweet and very talented friend of mine)

the beach.

she was so excited about it she just had to take a nap first.

toes in the sand for the first time...

annnnd she likes it!

i love her little tippy toes in this one, so delicate.

our little beach babe.

the next day.

sometimes you just gotta stop and smell some flowers in the mornin'

my mom got her some new kicks.

we had some brunch at the Hash House A Go Go. its one of our favorite places for breakfast out there. the proportions are ridiculously large, but i don't think clémence minds at all--that pancake was as big as her!

my little brother bo and his ceasar salad that could feed 10 people.

we stopped off in normal heights to visit a couple of places we like to go. the record shop is owned by 2 ladies in their 60's. In addition to value in buying record collections, they place strong emphasis on the unusual in both artists and cover art. For example, behind one section in their store titled "Music for Dining" is a "Smoking Section." All of the artists are pictured holding or smoking cigarettes. Their expertise was combined and in 1984 Nickelodeon Records was opened. The store opened selling only vinyl and continues to sell only vinyl.

this place was pretty great and super reasonable. pretty similar to SAS.

got some fun fabric for a few projects i've had in mind for clémence's room.

last day.
captivated by a pinwheel. the simplest things go a long way. this was a lifesaver for a good portion of the ride home although i almost passed out from making it spin!

leaving for home.

a conversation with mr. owl.

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