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Sunday, July 24, 2011

in cursive.

jeremiah is a list-maker. he makes lists for all types of reasons and decisions big or small: what to buy at the grocery store, favorite quotes, potential band names, top ten albums of the year, films to buy, birthday gifts and so on. and you can find them anywhere: scrap pieces of paper, notebooks, on his hand in between his pointer finger and thumb. i have always loved this detail about him.

while sorting through some pictures in a box recently, we came across the list he had made 6 years ago when he was trying to decide what to do on our first date. we had been good friends for about 4 or 5 years up until that point (i had always liked him a little more than that, but we both remained friends and did our own thing through those years). so when he finally did ask me out, i think we were both equally excited and equally nervous. it clearly went well and only took a year for us to be married. since then it has been a dream, better than i ever imagined when we were friends and i had a crush on him. and i love him more now than i ever have.

i didnt just want to put the list back with the pictures this time. i wanted to make a shadow box with it. i have made a few in the past and had a wooden box lying around that i bought from anthropologie before we even bought our home. what i made is a little more minimalistic than anything i have done before, but i didnt want the the list to be drowned out by anything else. here's what i used and what i created.

the list: a delicate glass ball with a feather inside it (this was my anniversary present last year):
and a handmade (not by me) little plate that aptly says 'adore':

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  1. Oh Shelly, I love this story! It's so romantic & so sweet! I love what you did with your memories! I have held on to receipts of mine & Jeffs first date & his writting on a menu to give me directions to his place for an art show the first night we met! I'll have to think of a special way to bring these memories out!!!