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Friday, July 15, 2011

local wanderings.

i've had the opportunity to do a little thrifting and vintage shopping this past week and came home with some fun prizes that i am excited about. we live in a great area where there are a pretty decent amount of places and options to go so i have gotten a good little route down. here's what i found:

a couple of silk scarves since im obsessed with wearing them on my head lately. fun skirt with nice big pockets--always a good idea for a mama!

a birthday present from my dear friend brittany who was shopping with me. oh and thank you mary wherever you are!

a cute cropped little top.

so excited about this dress! it was such a steal ($6)! can't wait to wear it in the fall with some tights!

i guess you could say im going through an orange period. totally okay with it!


  1. you are so adorable...i could only wish to have a pinky's worth of your style! :)

  2. we should go thrifting together sometime!