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Friday, July 8, 2011

on a roll...

oh i am so excited about the project i just finished! i found a tutorial on how to paint your fridge with chalkboard paint. our fridge, that came with the house when we bought it, works great but is kinda old and maybe used to be white but was more of a yellowy off-white as of late. so i decided to take it on and although like i said, it is older, it was still a little bit scary before i put brush to it. but i am so happy i did! it looks a thousand times better and so much more fun! and i must thank my darling husband for trusting me to do crazy stuff like this!

i was so eager to get started that i forgot to take a 'before' picture :-( but you at least get the idea from the one below where i am half-way done...

also the tutorial had you use magnetic primer so we can still use magnets if we choose!gettin er done!my makeover's complete! i cannot wait until clémence is old enough to draw whatever she fancies!


  1. SHells... OMG! This is so awesome! I'm on a teacher fieldtrip with my coworkers and one was leaning over my chair, looking at your post on my iPhone... Then my phone got passed around while all my coworkers hawked at your fabulous project! They had never heard of chalkboard paint... So they think you're a genius!!! Which you ARE!!

  2. Gawked... Not hawked! Darn auto correct!

  3. ummm thanks for making me feel so cool! haha that story is amazing!