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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

a (slightly) repurposed gift

it was my closest girl friend's birthday recently and for the past few months she has been constantly mentioning how much she wanted to get an old rotary phone for her girls to play with as a toy. so for one of her presents, i decided to set out and find one. fortunately for me, 7th ave is full of antique shops and not far away at all. so i did a little shopping and found this phone below:

 after doing a little cleaning and disinfecting, i googled how to remove the plastic finger-wheel so i could get rid of the random phone number and replace it with this super fun pinwheel fabric i had in my stash.

next, i thought to tie in the pinwheel on the finger-wheel, i would cover the cord in the fabric as well (there were a few slightly exposed wires and i didnt want the girls playing with those either). so i just sewed a 'tube,' turned it right-side out and fed the cord through it. to attach it to the phone, i used some tacky glue on both ends of the fabric.

and here's the finished product! (now i just need to make one for clémence)

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