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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a dressed-up dresser

a couple months back i found this tutorial on how to stencil and paint this amazing pattern onto a dresser (the tutorial includes the printable pattern and very thorough instuctions). it had all these woodland creatures and flowers all over it and i thought how lovely this would be in clémence's room. she could use the storage space and i would love a dresser that could also be used for a changing table since the cheap one we have from ikea isn't cute at all! not to mention in my quest for a more colorful playroom, this would be the perfect opportunity to add something bright. i will say that i did not know what i would be getting myself into as this took me a lot longer to complete than i had anticipated, but i am oh so glad i did it! i found a cheap dresser on craigslist and thus began the transformation.



should you feel up to the task here is the link to making your own!

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