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Monday, November 28, 2011

cableknit stockings from thrift store sweaters

so a little while back my friend, hannah, and i were discussing how much we love knit stockings (we had both recently received the latest holiday anthro catalog and had seen a few cute ones in there. the catch is that they were $58 and neither of us can knit to make our own. so i thought, why not just use sweaters that are already knit and sew them into a stocking! its super cheap, super easy, and pretty quick to accomplish.

all you need are a few cableknit sweaters you like,
a stocking pattern (which i just drew freehand but i am sure you can print them from online) note:when printing or drawing the pattern i suggest using a thicker cardstock type paper. trust me it'll make it easier for you when you go to sew the stocking since the fabric on some of these sweaters can be pretty stretchy and loose,
a sewing machine, 
and embroidery floss (or any fabric you would want to use to make the loop to hang them with)

first, turn your sweater inside-out
and pin your pattern upside-down
lining the top of your stocking with the
bottom of the sweater (this will be the
opening where you (or santa) will stuff
all sorts of fun prizes in)

next, cut around the pattern leaving a little extra room.
then proceed to sew around the pattern. after it is
sewn, snip off any extra fabric, then turn the stocking
right-side out. sew a loop in the corner for hanging
and your done!

each stocking only took me about 10 or 15 minutes and when your finished you could also add embroidered names or buttons or whatever! i just love the idea of having a more homemade christmas (especially when it is our daughter's first one)


  1. Shelly! These are darling... I love all your creativity lately!

  2. thanks lovely ladies! they were so simple to make