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Sunday, September 25, 2011

a review and slight makeover

after doing some research, i had decided on the joovy high chair to match our play yard. but at the last minute i changed my mind. we have some friends who use the $20 one from ikea and love it. so i did some more research because $20 is certainly better than $120. my biggest concern was obviously quality...i mean $20 is such a ridiculous price. upon reading, i found that it has gotten rave reviews. so we went for it...and haven't looked back since. it's simple, easy to assemble and disassemble (in case you want to bring it anywhere), the tray can fit in the dishwasher (super plus!), and most of all it is quite sturdy. i cannot tell you how nice it is to have her sit at our level during her dinner and ours.

they tray is sold separately but it is only $5 and you also have the option of buying a cushion to fit inside which is also $5. clémence is pretty petite so we bought that as well. so a total of $30!

this is the cushion. there is nothing wrong with this as is, but for me the sort of 'sesame street-colored stripes' weren't
really doin anything and not really my taste at all. so i decided to re-cover it in a fabric that i like.  again, i went to our discount fabric store and again came upon some amy butler fabric. there, it is $3.99 a yard which is way better than $10 a yard anywhere else.

soooo, here's what i did...

i cut the original fabric from the batting.

measured and pinned my new fabric. i just folded it over so i would only have to sew 3 sides
instead of 4.

sewed it together on the long side and then turned it right-side-out. then
i inserted the batting the same way you stuff a pillow in a pillow case.

next, i folded in the edges on both sides and pinned them together.

lastly, i sewed them up and voila!

much better in my opinion!!

(and in case you are wondering, i read the washing directions on the original tag and this baby can just go right in the washer! perfect!

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