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Saturday, September 24, 2011

missoni for target

my convictions about high-end fashion designers doing affordable limited edition lines for the general mass at places like target and h&m was totally put to the test yesterday...and i lost. or i should say that the excitement i had when my mom came over and brought a bag full of missoni in clémence's size totally contradicted where i said i stood on the subject.

right or wrong, i felt like designers who make lines for these stores, do it solely for a quick buck, and in my opinion, (in a non-literal sense) it sort of cheapens it. isn't the fact that these clothes are unattainable for most of us somehow part of the appeal? or when you do get crazy and invest in an amazing piece or find it somewhere (like last chance or even goodwill) there is an immense satisfaction that emerges. but even in a less superficial way, one of the most frustrating things about the idea is that most of the people getting to these stores at 3am to wait for the doors to open aren't doing it for the love of the designer or the art that they make in clothing, they are doing it to slap it back up on ebay to, again, make a quick buck.

that all being said, i couldn't help going against my own view on the subject and gladly accepted my mom's amazing gift for clémence. because after all, i have got to start her early right?!?

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