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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy 29th to my love!

i dreamt that it would be amazing and romantic and fun and adventurous, but i just had no idea how much better-than-that it would really be.

so cheers to being 29 and to being the most wonderful husband and daddy these 2 girls could ever ask for.
we love you so much.

(and in honor of jeremiah's birthday, i made him his birthday breakfast which consists of roasted sweet potato pancakes topped with mascarpone, crushed pecans, and real maple syrup. it is the recipe from what used to be the best breakfast place in town, palatte, until it sadly closed. we both helped open the place and worked there for a while.)

as my camera is still dead, i took this pic from christine's (the owner and chef of palatte)
amazing blog. there you will also find the recipe.
 mine looked sort of like that only not so perfectly round ;-)
these are the most incredible pancakes and perfect for fall!

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