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Saturday, August 27, 2011


we went to bend, oregon to visit our closest friends. we have known them for at least 10 years, if not longer...which in turn means they have known us this long. they are the kind of friends you really experience life with. helped eachother through break-ups, lived dreams out together, stood next to eachother when we said 'i do,' and celebrated at the birth of our children. the ones with thousands of stories you share also reminding you of some you forgot, and making you realize that you haven't laughed this hard in a long long time. the friends where no matter how much time you've been apart, you just pick up where you left off. the friends that aren't just friends, they are family.

they used to all live here in phoenix, and then one by one conveniently moved up there. and it had been a little while since we were all in the same place together. some of them got to meet clémence for the first time. we didnt do much, just hung around, watched our kids play together, had a beer or two, and told stories...and that was exactly what we wanted...and needed. here are some pictures from the trip.

clemence's first trip on a plane.

trying to entertain her with the reflections of my ring.

a warm welcome at ron and erin's home.

dylan and clem getting aquainted.

we went for a morning hike along the deschutes river.

the babes in their carriers ready to go!

a little worn out, she decided the hike back
was a perfect opportunity to snooze.

the boys headed out to get some provisions
 for a night at nole and carrie's

i was so excited it was just chilly enough that she got to wear
her stella mccartney anchor sweater.

nole doing the honors with a toast...of course!

naptime the next day...such a precious little nugget.

while the boys celebrated a bachelor day with nate, the girls went to the pool.

on the way home clemence just started giggling at dylan in the backseat. she isn't used to having a friend back there..it was so adorable so i grabbed erin's phone to get it on video.
at common table...an awesome restaurant that ron helped open
with amazing causes to help the community.

 after our meal we headed down to the farmer's market. this is my favortie memory from our trip. it had just rained, everyone was holding each other's kids, we were all sharing food and coffee. this, to me, is what true friendship looks like...or rather true family.
with 'uncle' ron

clem with her boys.

a little walk by the water.

the next morning. nole peeling off a a tightly wrapped cover over his new tattoo
....and some of his arm hair along with it. ouch.

ridin in the minivan and singin along to aladdin....and
yes, all of us know all the words to all the songs and
let's face it, pretty much can quote the entire movie.

playing with finley and learning to share.

our last day. we took a walk around by the old mill.

and somehow made our way (the back way)
to the deschutes brewery for some free samples

nate and maleea...our great excuse to go back to bend for their
wedding in oct.

'uncle' nate doing some entertaining.


we had an amazing trip and hope that someday we will all end up in the same place together.
 but for now we decided to start an annual summer trip up to bend...something
for us and our children to look forward to.


  1. My heart overfloweth... and to think, I wasn't even there! I love you guys!

  2. Wow! I miss the northwest!!! The photos are absolutely beautiful!!!! Your friends & their babies are beautiful too!!!!!!