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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a birthday drink...and a surprise.

for my birthday evening we decided to go to windsor for a drink. if you haven't been there yet, please go. opened by the same owners of postino, its a hip little restaurant in midtown with a great atmosphere (they have a wall filled with cassette tapes--i'm just saying), amazing food, great cocktails and it is super kid-friendly. (and on that note, as a new parent i am continually impressed with phoenix and all of these cool sort of swanky-but-totally-reasonably-priced restaurants that are making room for parents) --st. francis also comes to mind.

anyway, after that jeremiah wanted to take us to sugar bowl; probably the oldest ice cream parlor in town...and when we arrived instead of just getting dessert i got a room full of my closest friends. it was pretty awesome.

my new favorite picture.

right after arriving at sugar bowl.

an intense game of air hockey.

with aunt tarah.

'this ice cream is sooo delicious that its worth me making this face'

all tuckered out.

so thank you to everyone who made my 27th so special. and thanks to my loves for a great day, a well-kept surprise, and for being my two best birthday presents!

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