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Saturday, February 4, 2012

first birthday invitations

i am sorry for my lack of posts lately.  the birthday party is only one week away and i have been so busy making everything for it. since the invitations are well out by now, i wanted to share them on the blog.

i feel like invitations are a very important part of a party or event that sometimes get overlooked or are thought of as a minor detail, but to me they are the only window into what the party will be like for the person receiving it. they are the first impression if you will. so after looking and looking for ideas, i was so excited when i came across the confetti popper invitation here on one of the blogs i follow and love. it was fun and exciting, super clever, and a total surprise to the one receiving it...perfect for her first birthday! and i love taking an idea from someone and totally making it my own and i am so happy with how they turned out...

the blog gives you the free printable labels along with instructions
on how to disassemble the poppers, but since her party is
french themed, i thought it would be fun to have the french
translation on everything so we added that!

i hand made the confetti with a 3-hole punch so it would match
the cardstock of the invite, but added the glitter paper and
and sparkle embroidery floss to make it extra fun!

here is the flip side in french (and sorry about the white square but i
didn't really want my address on the internet)

and this picture is just to give you an idea of the process! since i could really only work on them during naptimes
and in the evening, these probably took me about a month to make! But soooo worth it to me!


  1. Those are gorgeous and so fun and playful! I've said it before and I'll say it again... Clemence is the luckiest little schmooch I know!!!

  2. they are unique, delightful, and sweetly whimsical my darling girl~