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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

diy rug, any way you want it, on the cheap!

i have been needing a new rug for our second bathroom for a little while now. i recently repainted the walls, mirror, and shower, finally hung art on the wall, and bought new, brighter towels. it was a dull blue from the previous owners and it feels so refreshing to have some fun colors in there and slightly kitchy decor. the missing, final piece was the rug. i knew i wanted a coral or salmon colored rug with a pattern to tie everything together, but i also knew that when i have something specific in my head, it is usually the hardest thing to find (and i am also on a time crunch because that is the bathroom that leads to our backyard and the one that our guests will be using for the birthday party on sunday)...plus i don't have a ton of money to drop on a rug at the moment...sound familiar?

after checking a few websites and realizing that i wasn't going to find what i wanted it dawned on me to just make my own. so off to home depot we went! using a 5x5 painter's drop cloth, a sample jar of the perfect coral color, my sewing machine (to hem the edges of the rug after i cut it to the size i wanted),  tape, a roll of grippy shelf liner (that i got at the dollar store), and some tacky glue (which i always have on hand) i made exactly what i wanted...and the best part of all is that it only cost me $12 and took me about 30 minutes to complete!!

i decided to do stripes, taking advantage of the natural color
of the drop cloth so i started by measuring and taping the stripes (after
i had cut and hemmed it to the right size).

here they are completed!

when it was dry, i turned the rug over and glued the roll of liner
down the middle with my tacky glue. if you want to spend more you can get another roll to
cover the whole backside of the rug,
but i feel like one is sufficient enough to do the trick!

done and done! *

*now that i am finished i will probably spray some scotchguard over the surface for good measure just to protect the fabric from stains.


  1. Shelly, that is gorgeous! The bathroom looks sooooo nice! I've never thought of making a rug! May have to try this little method out sometime! Hugs to Miah and Clem!