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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

impromptu moments

one thing that jeremiah and i try to be good at as parents is instilling life into our daughter. this means to be crazy and silly for her even if people are around. to not worry about messes and getting dirty or even eating some dirt. to constantly laugh and play and read the same book 15 times if that is what she wants to do. i cannot say that i am perfect at this all the time, but i really do try to be.

that said, today we had one of those great, unplanned moments in our backyard. while the three of us were playing out there, i decided to try and soak our grass...it has been such a warm winter that our grass has sort of taken a beating the last few weeks..clémence was curious about the hose in the grass and so we took her tights off and just let her go for it. she had so much fun stomping her feet and playing with the water!

this one above is my new favorite pic. it's so perfect.

all dry and ready for a story with daddy.

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