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Sunday, January 8, 2012

a new year...

i read somewhere that this is a good time to make goals. i have been thinking about some and thought i'd give the old list a try. i am curious to see how far i get on it by the end of the year. so here goes...and these are in no particular order:

1. fix and finish the duvet i started making for our bed
2. sign clémence up for the spring play group at the school we eventually want her to go when she is older
3. actively try to learn more french with the cd's i am getting from our library
4. continue to breathe love, joy, curiosity, laughter, and life into our daughter
5. don't allow myself get let down by friends because of my own expectations, but just love them anyway, regardless
6. work on and maybe finish the plans for our basement
7. give gifts on ordinary days for no particular reason
8. finally get our upright piano from my parents house, put it downstairs, and start playing again even if it is only a little
9. make pillows for our couch and one for clémence's room
10. continue to encourage my husband to work on his art in the evenings even though sometimes i'd rather be selfish and keep him upstairs with me
11. read more
12. make more of an effort
13. start a garden in our backyard even if it is small at first
14. win that trip to paris we entered
15. tile our kitchen
16. find or make a large scale art piece for our living room
17. be still
18. love more.

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