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Monday, December 19, 2011

an afternoon spent baking...

sometimes the only way to get something done around the holidays is to do it with other people. it motivates you, helps you to put the time aside, and it's just fun. my sister, clémence, and i went up to my parent's house a few days ago to do some christmas baking with my mom. we had a great time making a mess and each taking turns playing with clémence so the others could bake....but of course she was a great helper in the kitchen too!

with mimi!

my half-finished lemon-rosemary shortbread sandwich cookies

filling them with lemon curd and mascarpone..mmmm

a yummy mess!

checking out the goods

the view from the kitchen window...i love it up here..
so different from the city

finished (after 3 hours)

saying hi to the horsey

then as we were leaving my dad rode up to the car to say bye...with the horses. i love her look of curiosity.

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  1. Your cookies look soooo yummy, and I'm currently lusting over your mom's kitchen! Sweet sweet Clemence! I can't wait to meet her next week!